What My Students Are Saying

Lori Triolo Workshops Testimonial 11

"Thank you for creating a safe, open, warm space. Thank you for offering the work so very generously. Thank you for facilitating exploration and curious play. I am changed."

-Caroline Cave

Lori Triolo Workshops Testimonial 1

I came into the workshop seeking freedom from my performance anxiety, which I felt was getting in the way of my personal and professional life. I left with incredible clarity. When I began the workshop my feelings and anxiety felt like blocks, but after my intro to Fitzmaurice with Lori, I reached a place where my emotions were tools rather than sources of anxiety. It was so helpful for me, on both an artistic and personal level, to discover that I can help unblock emotional traumas of my past, which I assumed were cerebral, through a physical release of my tensions.

Learning that my emotional anxiety is often linked to something physical, and that by embodying that emotional and physical tension I can move through it to find joy, eased my tension and anxiety incredibly. I can already feel the effect of the work in both my personal and creative life.

My physical and social tension and anxiety has eased tremendously, and I feel more present and able to communicate more freely and fully. My whole approach to problem solving has changed, and I feel way more equipped to conquer what comes my way!

I highly recommend Lori to anyone seeking more presence, freedom, and clarity in their emotional and creative life. I am very excited Fitzmaurice and Lori are a part of my life now, and I hope to make the technique a daily practice! Thank you, Lori!"

- Emily Skeggs, 2015 Tony Award Nominee, - Fun Home

Lori Triolo Workshops Testimonial 2

I think the kind of voicework that Lori teaches encapsulates the heart and essence of acting. It's not just about sound, or vocal exercises, but bringing your full body, your full voice, and your full humanity to your art. It's about connection and communication--which is what we're all trying to do as artists, whether on stage, on set, or in the audition room. And the Fitzmaurice work gave me tangible exercises and tools to bring into my practice immediately.

As a teacher Lori is passionate, driven, caring, insightful and inspiring. And most importantly, she is about the work. All of the exercises and exploration are done in the context of bringing ourselves more fully and more professionally to the work of acting. I highly recommend her classes.

– Shauna Johannesen, Actor/Writer

Lori Triolo Workshops Testimonial

"Lori Triolo is a truly compassionate and brave teacher. I can't think of anyone I would rather have as a guide through learning this work. She truly cares about giving the tools to her students, through complete transparency, and that is so refreshing."  

-Adrien Cote, Actor

Lori Triolo Workshops Testimonial

"This is a teacher who quite literally lives and breathes what she teaches. With a careful combination of Fitzmaurice Voicework and the Meisner technique, Lori helped me rediscover my own body and breath!

Lori always takes the time to consider each of her students individually and specifically, never retreating into set solutions or considerations. Each class spent with her is informative, stimulating, and very, very different. :) "

- Vaughn Jones, Actor

Lori Triolo Workshops Testimonial

"Lori Triolo's Fitzmaurice Voicework Intensive has proven again and again that it can efficiently and positively reinvent my relationship to my voice, my body, and my artistry in the span of just three days."

- Aleita Northey, Actor

Lori Triolo Workshops Testimonial

"After Lori's intensive workshop, my awareness of my breath in everyday life has greatly increased.  Now, I actually notice more often if I've been holding my breath, how my breathing changes in different situations, and my connection to my overall physical self is also greater as a result.  

Through Lori's training, I truly have been learning to adopt the "Art of Awareness" as a regular practice and when I am in a given environment now, my senses are heightened.  I notice other people's behavior and details more than ever, and even pay more attention to animals and pets. When combined with FitzMeisner, I believe this work is the best way-in to getting to know your true self and to becoming who you really are."

- Brigitte Drescher, Voice-over Artist & Actor

Lori Triolo Workshops Testimonial

"Lori Triolo's FitzMeisner class is, and will continue to be, one of the most valuable investments I've made in my training. I can say without exaggeration that she informed my work in connection and partnering tenfold in two shortMeisner based sessions. I have a new awareness of presence and hope to continue training with her to deepen that understanding."

– Mariel Hunter, Actress

Lori Triolo Workshops Testimonial

“Today I was able to be more "me" and speak my mind. And let my feelings into my words.  And reminding myself to breathe all the time makes it so much easier to concentrate (I used to hold my breath while thinking). I'm so glad this weekend happened!”

-Ken Fong, Scientist

Lori Triolo Workshops Testimonial

“I went into this four day workshop wanting to gain control over my speaking anxieties, but what I've found is that I'm now more connected to my thoughts and emotions. As a result of feeling grounded, I feel more courageous and free to explore my potential as a communicator and as a performer. Thanks to your supportive teaching style, I felt encouraged to express myself and to think about my interaction with the others in the group.

I've gained tools for working through emotion as well as greater understanding of how emotion relates to communicating meaning. Great imagery Lori!”    

-Eleanor Hendricks, Dancer/Educator