Lori Triolo, Actor, Director, Producer, Teacher

Lori’s greatest influences as an artist came from watching some of history’s greatest actors performing on New York stages in the 70s, 80s, and early 90s.  Her parents were blue-collar, community theatre actors, singers and cultural enthusiasts always striving to give their two children an appreciation for the arts no matter what the cost.

High School was a special time, being mentored in the arts by teachers who understood that not every kid learns the same way.  That work led to Lori’s creation of CineKids, a film outreach program geared toward helping youth discover and learn important life skills through the art of filmmaking (writing, acting, shooting).   

Lori has been teaching the craft of acting since 1993 after gaining permission from her NYC alma mater, The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre where she had the privilege of studying with Sanford Meisner who was among an incredible faculty.  Triolo’s focus as a teacher is the Meisner Technique and Fitzmaurice Voicework®. As a teacher in some of British Columbia's top university theatre programs as well as in her private practice, she strives to help bring actors closer to their truth by giving them the tools to connect to their physical, vocal and emotional instincts.

In addition to her teaching, Lori has been active in the theatre and film community in New York, Los Angeles, and Vancouver for over twenty years.  She was previously the Artistic Director at Vancouver's Beaumont Stage for five years, bringing live theatre, music and film to the public.  As co-founder of The Evolving Arts Collective, she is host to The Cold Reading Series which has been a staple event in Vancouver’s independent film and theatre scene since 1993. Long before moving to Vancouver she helped build the Belmont Italian American Playhouse in New York, a black box theatre which was home to works written and performed by minorities of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds. 

As an actor, Lori has also been busy in film, television and theatre. She received B.C.'s Best Actress Leo Award and Leading Actress Jessie Award nominations for her work on the big screen and stage. Her selected stage credits include Ramifications of a Particular Crash, Danny and the Deep Blue Sea, Twelfth Night, Italian American Reconciliation, The Sweetest Swing in Baseball(Jessie Nomination),Where’s My Money?, Miss Julie, In the Eyes of God, and Stop Kiss. In the film and television arena, she has seen recurring roles on shows including Blackstone, Fringe, Continuum, Smallville, Supernatural, The 4400, Alice, I think, Cold Squad, Battlestar Gallactica, and Davinci’s Inquest

In 2014 Lori was honored through the Vancouver chapter of Women in Film & Television with the Leadership in Education Award which recognizes excellence in the teaching of screen based media and creating opportunities for and providing mentorship to women.

 Her work as an artist, actor, mentor and coach led her to becoming  involved in theatre and film as a director and producer as well. She has directed numerous plays ranging from student to professional to solo show productions.  And most recently she acted as producer and casting director for the Canadian independent feature film Lost Solace directed by Chris Scheuerman - a project which is now heading into the festival circuit. 

Future projects as a producer are in the works as well as a move to bring her work as a teacher and coach to an even larger audience around the world. 

For more information about Lori's work as an acting teacher, speaker and facilitator see her

For more information about Lori's background as an actor and director see her